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“Clarity Grader helps us to understand the readability of the information we put out there. We are actively working on changing this. On bringing up our readability status, so that we can actually make sure that people understand what it is that we want them to do. People don’t read on the web they scan. People use the web to find information and actually do stuff. And clear language builds trust.”

Jacqui van Teulingen | Head of Digital Service Standard DTO – Australian Government



“The Department is responsible for many projects and initiatives and we want to ensure that we are conveying the message clearly on the website. VisibleThread showed us the areas for improvement. The results and scoring from the scans helped us to gain a lot of traction on the project and to influence our management on why this project was so important.”

Niamh Buckley | Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources


Deliver simpler, clearer and faster online services

Your agency must use online channels to allow business and citizens to engage. But how do you test your content for clarity and consistency?

Our Document and Web analysis solutions mean government agencies will:

  • reduce content review time by 45%
  • publish clearer more engaging content
  • improve citizen engagement and compliance levels.

Our document content analysis solution VisibleThread Docs supports content reviews for PDF, Word docs and Excel spreadsheets. Our web content solution Clarity Grader scans 000s of pages to make sure your online copy has the right levels of clarity and consistency. Your content governance worries are over.


Shred Docs, create Requirements Compliance Matrix in Minutes

  • Burst / Shred any PDF or MS Word document.
  • Create a starter Compliance Matrix in 3 clicks.
  • Saves hours of copy/paste manual effort.
  • Lower your Risk of missing critical requirements.


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Measure Document Readability – Create single tone of Voice

  • Remove trite and complex language.
  • Benchmark multiple documents side by side.
  • Saves hours of manual editorial review.
  • Share readability report cards in seconds.


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Using Discovery to check Résumé Qualifications

  • Compare Multiple Résumés.
  • Extract Qualifications in Seconds.
  • Check Tech Qualifications, Security Clearance etc.
  • Saves you hours.


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VisibleThread deployment options

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VisibleThread Docs Cloud is a hosted solution available by subscription, literally ready to start working in minutes and flexible enough to grow with your needs.
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On Premise

VisibleThread Docs On Premise is deployed into your environment, under your control and offers the pricing flexibility of our On Demand subscription model.
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