Help citizens find and understand the information they need



Enable citizens to be more compliant, with clearer instructions



Identify out-dated, inconsistent content across 1000’s of webpages

VisibleThread is a content analysis tool for Government Agencies. It instantly improves the clarity and message consistency of your online and offline content. Content teams score documents and full websites in minutes, saving days.

There is a growing movement for all website content to be clear, concise and relevant. For example, the Plain Language Act of 2010 requires all U.S. Federal agencies to communicate clearly. VisibleThread’s plain language tools are designed to help address this and other plain language initiatives.

  • Review 1000’s of Documents & Web Pages for Content Clarity in minutes
  • Publish Clearer Consistent Content
  • Improve Citizen Engagement and Compliance Levels
  • Review Pre & Post Publication Content
  • Reduce Customer Service Queries
  • Vet 3rd Party Contributor Content
  • Remove Ambiguity & Confusion

We highlight poor readability, risky and inconsistent brand content with actionable scorecards. With our content analysis solution, readers can more easily complete tasks, understand instructions, and find the content they are looking for, quickly.




“VisibleThread helps us to understand the readability of the information we put out there. We are actively working on changing this. On bringing up our readability status, so that we can actually make sure that people understand what it is that we want them to do. People don’t read on the web they scan. People use the web to find information and actually do stuff. And clear language builds trust.”
Jacqui van Teulingen
Head, Digital Service Standard DTO / Australian Government
“The Department is responsible for many projects and initiatives and we want to ensure that we are conveying the message clearly on the website. VisibleThread showed us the areas for improvement. The results and scoring from the scans helped us to gain a lot of traction on the project and to influence our management on why this project was so important.”
Niamh Buckley
Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources / Ireland

Scans in Seconds

  • Websites and Word or PDF documents
  • Pre-publication website content & documents
  • Post-publication website content & documents
  • Analyze instantly from your browser using our Bookmarklet plug-in

Flags Specific Content Clarity Issues

  • Sentences that are too long
  • Passive voice
  • Readability score down to page and paragraph level
  • Education level required to understand your content
Web Clarity

Content Discovery

  • Scan your entire website for non-compliant legacy documents
  • Identify customer relevant keywords that you’re using too often or not often enough
  • Identify broken links and spelling errors
Doc Clarity View

Improves Compliance

Good/Bad Language Tools will help content teams to identify complex, confusing or out-dated terms, using customized dictionaries.

For example:

  • Finance – Citizens need content clarity to understand how to fulfil their tax obligations