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With So Much Content Being Created Every Day, Your CMS Users Have a Huge Problem.

VisibleThread’s Cloud Service makes sure all your user’s content is on brand, increases conversions and maximizes their ROI from using your CMS.

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The Giant Content Problem

Billion with a 'B'. Number of WordPress webpages alone.

Average person's attention span.

Number of blog posts created daily.

With VisibleThread’s Cloud Service, Your CMS Users Can Review 1000’s of Web Pages For Confusing Copy in Seconds

Your users don’t have enough time to manually review new content that’s being created. And the copy from last year? That’s not going to get reviewed either. Content that isn’t checked for accuracy and readability can be confusing.

Confusing copy leads to confused visitors, who will go elsewhere, losing your customers money.

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“The Tool Rocks! It means we’re able to conduct web quality audits much quicker than before. Readability is something that all our clients really care about so we’re now using the Clarity Grader reports for all major brand engagements.”
Murray Cox
Director of Content Strategy / DigitasLBi

How Can We Help CMS Owners?

Revenue Share

Revenue is shared with you for every user that converts from your Cloud Service access.

Your Next Killer CMS Feature.

Offer greater value to your users and increase your profits with our revenue share option.


Differentiate your CMS

Writing copy is one of the most labor intensive tasks your users have.
Help them make the process of optimizing their content as simple as possible by giving them access to VisibleThread’s Cloud Service.

VisibleThread’s Cloud Service allows your users to:

  • Protect their brand at scale.
  • Ensure that even with multiple writers, there is one company voice.
  • Save time & money by eliminating manual copy review.
  • Maximize engagement & conversions on their websites.
  • Dramatically cut manual review cycles by creating brand dictionaries.

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Help Protect Your Users Brand. At Scale.

Your users have 1000’s of webpages to review to ensure consistent tone of voice.

  • Marketing teams can scan full websites in minutes, saving days of review time using VisibleThread’s Cloud Service.
  • Marketing teams can pinpoint brand problems and fix them at scale.

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  • Step 1: You embed VisibleThread’s Cloud Service into your CMS through our API.
  • Step 2: Your user can now scan their website for readability using our API.
  • Step 3: Your user scans their website for readability through our API.
  • Step 4: VisibleThread generates a report that shows your CMS user exactly how to improve their copy.

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“Thanks to the Clarity Grader team for their amazing support in making this a tool of real value to content creators and web editors alike. However the big winners are visitors to our website!”
Donna Eades
Editorial Manager / Autodesk


  • Boeing
  •  Lockheed Martin
  •  Autodesk
  •  Philips
  •  Symantec
  • SAP
  •  Xerox
  •  Airbus
  •  Accenture
  •  Intel
Try it for yourself to see how the VisibleThread Cloud Service could be a game changing feature for your CMS while delivering massive value to your users.

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