Which words kill your best proposal?

Which words kill your best proposal?

From Washington Technology, March 9, 2011

Here are some terms and language to avoid when responding to an RFP

Weak language and clichés can be the death knell for your proposal. According to Visible Thread, a company that specializes in software that analyzes word usage in documents, your bid and proposal team should know the language that weakens credibility, raises legal questions or affects the delivery of your solution.

If you are using the following words and phrases in your proposals, it might be time to call for a rewrite.

Credibility killers

Wishy-washy language to avoid:

  • “Can provide.”
  • “Might provide.”
  • “May deliver.”
  • “We are committed.”
  • “We are pleased to.”
  • “Uniquely qualified.”

Liability red flags

Terms that convey legal implications or suggest overcommitment:

  • “Expert.”
  • “We guarantee.”
  • “Seamless.”
  • “Best of breed.”
  • “Best practices.”
  • “State of the art.”

Delivery trap

Words and phrases that are difficult to verify or measure:

  • “As appropriate.”
  • “As necessary.”
  • “Full service.”
  • “Quality focused.”
  • “Top-quality.”
  • “Efficiently.”

Source: Visible Thread

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