Get your Free RS3 Compliance Matrix

Get your Free RS3 Compliance Matrix

Army RS3 – Download your free compliance matrix here.

Last week on 4th February, the Army issued the 3rd RFP draft for the $37b RS3 contract. Pretty much every major contractor is working this IDIQ (indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity).

Whether you’re a prime or sub, you’re likely maxed as the deadline for submission is only a couple of weeks away on Feb 28th.

We wanted to save you some time. So we took the latest RS3 draft RFP (DRAFT_W15P7T15R0008-0000) version 3, and ran a shred/burst using VisibleThread. And we’re sharing the generated compliance matrix with the community for FREE.

Feel free to use this matrix in whatever way you like. We won’t ask you to fill in any form, just download the generated spreadsheet directly from the link below.

If you’re pursuing this, good luck and we hope the matrix helps save you time.

Click here to download the Starter Compliance matrix (XLS). We shredded the RFP with the VisibleThread full product.

CONTENT AUDIT - compliance matrix

2 thoughts on “Get your Free RS3 Compliance Matrix”

  1. RS3 compliance matrix is very good. Done with an automated tool? Impressive. Can’t see video or link to video. May be blocked by our corporate firewall. Please send to lpokroy(at)

    Thank you.

    Larry Pokroy
    Constellation West

    • Hi Larry,

      ya the full starter matrix was fully generated in 3 clicks and in 2 minutes. There was no hand-tweaking.

      So, it’s a very big time saver for our customers. One of my colleagues will be in touch to get you sorted on the video.

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