Clarity Grader 2.0 – Product Launch for ADOBE Experience Manager


Content Audit Tool Clarity Grader

Product Launch

Clarity Grader 2.0 – the on demand readability & content analysis plug-in for ADOBE EXPERIENCE MANAGER has arrived in Baltimore, Maryland.

VisibleThread today announced the launch of Clarity Grader 2.0, the content optimization plug-in for Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe’s market-leading digital experience management solution.

Content Audit Tool

This latest version of Clarity Grader allows content producers to quickly and simply audit their written material within Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers. Clarity Grader scans thousands of webpages in a matter of minutes measuring page complexity, highlighting complicated or off brand language, identifying broken links and areas of text that require review. Clarity Grader is ideally suited for digital marketing, editorial and communications teams who deal with high volumes of copy on a daily basis.

Easy to Use

Easy and speedy to use Clarity Grader 2.0 allows clients to check the clarity and message consistency across their web estate saving hours of review time,”

said Fergal McGovern, CEO, VisibleThread.

Ultimately, it provides the opportunity for the writer to spend more time on producing material rather than checking for inconsistency.”

Clarity Grader 2.0 can be set to scan general individual or groups of webpages. The results are presented in an easy to read report with graded summaries that offer sentence length, passive language and readability analysis. Additional options include for example side by side comparison of competitor websites.

Clarity Grader 2.0 means that your audience and visitors can now more easily complete tasks online, completely understand your message, and find the right content,”

added McGovern.

Meet the team

Meet the VisibleThread team at Adobe Summit, the Digital Marketing Conference, March 9- 13, 2015, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. For a 7 day free trial of Clarity Grader 2.0 log in here: www.claritygrader.com