Webinar: The 2016 Gov Plain Writing Index

Webinar: The 2016 Gov Plain Writing Index

Winners and Losers – Key Insights for Improving Agency Online Engagement

This webinar will take place on March 03, 2016 – 11.45 – 12:30 a.m. (EST)

On Feb 9th, VisibleThread released it’s landmark Plain Language Index for 30 US Federal Agencies:

Join this webinar to get an under the covers look at the winners and losers as we do a deep dive into which agencies were best and which worst. We’ll show the type of content that really engages and the content copy you should avoid.

We’ll also give you a behind the scenes insight into how we created the report too.


Kevin Sangsland
Creator of the 2016 Gov Index Report
Strategic Marketing

Fergal McGovern
Founder and CEO