How bad are RFPs? Plenty

How bad are RFPs? Plenty

From Washington Technology with Nick Wakeman
Published: August 25, 2016

Washington Technology

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It is no secret that solicitations can be hard to read. The language is technical and often convoluted. It can lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Not to mentions delays and inefficiencies.

But just how bad is it? Well, maybe even worse than many of us thought, according to a report that was released this summer.

VisibleThread, a company with software products that use algorithms to analyze the language of documents and websites for changes and clarity, turned one of its tools loose on five solicitations for contracts worth a total of $7 billion.

The company’s primary business is helping contractors track changes in solicitations. Its algorithms don’t just identify changes in wording but it also highlights changes in context and substance.


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