VisibleThread Readability – New ‘Plain Language Tool’ for Business Writers

VisibleThread Readability – New ‘Plain Language Tool’ for Business Writers

From Martech Series with Avinash Duduskar
Published: July 04, 2017

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Producing clear accessible content just got simpler with VisibleThread Readability. The enterprise tool for business and government users analyzes and suggests how to simplify text content using Natural Language Processing. VisibleThread Readability proofs any type of digital content; PDF, Word docs, text and Webpages (URLs). Corporate and government writers can now optimize all content for a better user experience in seconds.

Writing content (product specs, online forms, blog posts) using Plain Language techniques means better visitor engagement and compliance. We designed VisibleThread Readability to put quality control in the hands of business writers, subject matter experts, and other content contributors in government and corporate environments.

Lindsay Dudbridge, Manager of Clinical Content for the American Society of Clinical Oncology, said, “People need well written and accurate information. I want them to be able to find the information they understand and that’s the value of our website. Our ability to present information clearly has been due to VisibleThread.”