Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Meets with VisibleThread to Discuss New Partnerships, Growth

VisibleThread’s Eric Muraven and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar discussed VisibleThread’s drive to promote plain language.  They also discussed the company’s partnership with Canadian tech company OpenText.

By Eric Muraven, VP of Partners and Alliances, VisibleThread

This week, I was honoured to meet Leo Varadkar TD, the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, in Toronto, Canada. Mr Varadkar was in Canada to promote Irish business and partnerships. It was fantastic to speak with him about VisibleThread’s progress within the Canadian government market, and our new reseller partnership with OpenText.


The Canada-based multinational has annual revenues of $2.3 billion, and enables companies to manage their information flow. With this partnership, OpenText customers can now access VisibleThread products. This will enable them to meet their legal (language) compliance requirements and drive better online engagement.

VisibleThread is also helping Canadian government agencies to improve their published content. This is important given the need to simplify regulatory and legal terms for citizens. And drive engagement across all lines of communication. Transparent, plain language means citizens and business can more easily engage with government. We have seen many political hopefuls extol the virtues of clear language around the world in recent times.

Clear communication is a win-win situation for governmental agencies

Citizens get a better understanding of legislation and regulation. Meanwhile, governments cut costs as more people complete simple and well-articulated tasks online. As a result, people rely less on call centers.

Our success in the Canadian market builds on our work with both Irish and Australian government agencies. By focusing on plain English, governments and companies can improve engagement with their target audience.

Therefore, it makes sense that writing in plain language is a top priority for both companies and governments.