Providing Pharma with a Way to Develop Clear, Compliant, and Easy-to-Understand Content

From PM360 with Andrew Matthius
Published: September 27, 2017


Original Post: https://www.pm360online.com/providing-pharma-with-a-way-to-develop-clear-compliant-and-easy-to-understand-content/

Words matter. This is especially true in a regulated industry such as pharma in which the wrong word or context can get you in trouble with the FDA. At the same time, pharma also needs to balance staying compliant with delivering content that consumers can actually understand—that means not overloading them with medical terminology or jargon. In the past, companies would have to manually manage all of their content to ensure it meets all regulatory requirements and remains easy to understand. But, new options to sense check content for clear and plain language are emerging that makes this task much easier.

VisibleThread is a suite of software that offers marketers both readability and auditing tools. In addition to serving healthcare companies, VisibleThread is also being used by major enterprises in defense, aerospace, and financial services as well as government organizations and non-profits. It helps ensure their messages are pure, succinct, and engaging to their audience.