User Experience: Why Words (really) Matter in UX

From Website Magazine with Fergal McGovern
Published: October, 2017

Website Magazine

Original Post: https://www.websitemagazine.com/blog/user-experience-why-words-really-matter-in-ux

There are thousands of words on your website. Are they helping or hurting your user experience (UX)?

The guiding principle for modern websites is to drive a streamlined user experience. For very good reason teams focus on user interface (UI) and design, tweaking and testing so visitors can find what they need. We want visitors to stay engaged, and complete a task or find information. Web teams focus on wireframes, interaction design and “beautiful” sites.

Yet, they often overlook the thousands of words that make up the paragraphs and pages of content.  Once readers’ eyes hit words, then cognitive processing begins. And that’s often where the problem begins, interaction falls off, and we see churn.