Webinar: How Sales Automation Support use VisibleThread to vet Contracts and Proposals

Thu, Jan 18 @ 11.45 ET


Sales Automation Support Webinar cWe’re delighted to have Michelle Keshel, CEO & Founder of Sales Automation Support present this webinar.

Here’s what Michelle will discuss:

In this session, I’ll share our experiences using VT throughout the BD/Capture/Proposal/Contract lifecycle. I’ll cover how we use VisibleThread customized Search dictionaries to support our initiatives in the Construction and Engineering sectors. And cover many core elements of the VisibleThread Docs solution.

  • The value of search dictionaries to help uncover risk and engineering requirements
  • How we build specific customized search dictionaries to support; contract and technical review functions.
  • Where we apply other functions of VisibleThread to the contract/proposal lifecycle.
  • Q&A

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