Seeking an edge, more managers beef up websites to woo clients

From Pensions & Investments with Rick Baert
Published: September, 2018

Original Post: https://www.pionline.com/article/20180913/ONLINE/180919935/seeking-an-edge-more-managers-beef-up-websites-to-woo-clients


Institutional money managers’ websites — long saddled by jargon and vague investment descriptions — are playing a more important role as a portal for showcasing managers’ capabilities in an increasingly competitive industry, sources said.

Managers are using their websites not just to introduce themselves and put out their contact information, said Andrew McCollum, managing director, investment management, at financial consultant Greenwich Associates, Stamford, Conn. The sites also have become a major part of the firms’ overall institutional marketing strategy as pension fund executives do more of their own research apart from their consultants, he added.

“There’s an evolution in how institutions consume information,” he said. “Younger officials will use websites, LinkedIn, social media. Older executives will rely on their consultant or their staff, but their staff is being influenced by more digitally accessed information like thought leadership.”