The top 20 worst fund houses for confusing Kids

From Wealth Manager
Published: October 30, 2018

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Jargon is a common barrier to financial literacy but in too many cases obscurity is just one factor inhibiting understanding.

Comprehensibility is a particular problem when it comes to key information documents, which are supposed to help the average investor see what they are buying when they put their money into a fund, but – even before widely-criticised changes made under Priips rules – too often end up confusing things even further.

Content analysis software developer VisibleThread has worked to identify the worst offenders across a combination of five metrics: readability, level of education, use of passive voice, proportion of long sentences, and complex words.

The firm analyzed 200 Kids from 40 major financial services organizations – five documents from each business – and assessed that 97.5% were inaccessible to 61% of the UK population.

We share the 20 firms that ranked lowest overall in their study in descending order