Payers Fall Short in Effective Beneficiary Communication

Payers Fall Short in Effective Beneficiary Communication

Two-thirds of beneficiary communication is more complex to read than Moby Dick, causing issues for patients with low health literacy.

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Published: January 24, 2019

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Healthcare payers’ beneficiary communication efforts leave a lot to be desired, as organizations let considerations for low patient health literacy and other best practices fall by the wayside, according to a recent report from Visible Thread.

The report, which included an analysis of Medicare documents from 30 of the top US payers during November 2018, outlined the bleak state of beneficiary communication.

Currently, 86 percent of insurers are not effectively communicating with the 65 and older population, despite strong incentive to do so. With 15 percent of the country eligible for Medicare coverage, it’d behoove payers to cater to this population, the report authors explained.