RFP Success Show: Creating Consistency with VisibleThread [Podcast]

From The RFP Success Company with Lisa Rehurek

Published: July 31st, 2019

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RFP Success Show Podcast

What if your proposal team could save 67 hours on every RFP? And improve your win rate by 9.8% at the same time?

Fergal McGovern is the CEO of Visible Thread, a software solution designed to improve efficiency in the RFP and contract review process. Founded in 2008, Visible Thread helps clients analyze and optimize content, enabling users to scan documents for compliance and review proposals for clarity and consistency. Their client roster includes Airbus, Booz|Allen|Hamilton and SAIC, among many other prominent corporations.

Today, Fergal joins us to explain how Visible Thread helps proposal managers save time and improve morale among their team members. He offers insight into why the best tech solutions require little or no behavior change, discussing how Visible Thread seeks to complement workflow rather than imposing a workflow of its own. Listen in as Fergal describes how the software can help you establish a single tone of voice, improve compliance and readability, and ultimately win more business with RFPs!


Key Takeaways

  • Visible Thread makes the RFP process much more efficient

  • Misunderstandings inspired Fergal to create Visible Thread

  • The software automates manual processes (e.g. copy/paste)

  • The aspects of a proposal Visible Thread can help with:

    • Compliance, acronym check, grade level

  • Visible Thread supports small, medium and large businesses

  • How to use Visible Thread for communications beyond proposals

  • How Fergal’s software helps you establish a single tone of voice

  • Why Fergal’s team focuses on simplicity vs. sophistication

  • Fergal’s intent to create a solution that complements workflow

  • Why the best tech solutions require little or no behavior change

  • The amount of time Visible Thread saves proposal teams

  • How efficiency in the RFP process impacts morale + productivity