2020 Asset Management Clarity Report

We analyzed the performance of 60 of the largest asset management firms. 

Customer Experience and Investor Trust hit hard by complex, obtuse language. Download the report today.

Our key findings:

  • Asset Management firms did not improve trust and CX in 2020
  • Only two Asset Management firms communicate at levels understandable by the average consumer
  • Asset Management firms’ websites remain harder to read than Moby Dick
  • There was a slight reduction of complex word density in 2020
  • Average sentence length still at 5x the recommended level
  • 57 out of 60 firms overuse passive voice, and are not clear on who needs to take the action

And, when it comes to Crisis Communication:

  • Leadership messages are not accessible to the general public
  • 30% of Asset Management firms do not mention COVID-19 on the website content in our sample

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