Webinar: Quality Matters: How health insurers can reduce costs and improve the member experience


Original Webinar Description

Complex communications in the Health Insurance sector are hurting the industry. They

  • Damage trust
  • Increase call center volume and costs, and
  • Result in poor star ratings.

Health insurers can improve member experience and create more value by prioritizing clear communications at every stage of the user journey. Leslie O’Flahavan knows all about this and we’re delighted she is joining us for our next webinar.

Topic – Quality Matters: How Health Insurers can reduce costs and improve the member experience

Time – Thursday, March 11th, 11:30am EST 

Leslie will share real-life examples of the type of letters providers send to members. And how these letters are damaging the member experience. She will also provide practical tips to rework the message to be more accessible.

If you want to improve your member experience, you don’t want to miss this engaging session.

About the speaker

Leslie is a get-to-the point writer and an experienced, versatile writing instructor.  As E-WRITE owner since 1996, Leslie has been writing content and teaching customized writing courses for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Leslie can help the most stubborn, inexperienced, or word-phobic employees at your organization improve their writing skills, so they can do their jobs better. 

For the last three years, Leslie has been listed as one of ICMI’s Top 50 Thought Leaders “… who help educate, inspire, and motivate the customer service industry.”