VT Writer 3.1.1 is now available to on-premise customers

VT Writer version 3.1.1 is now available to on-premise customers. This release includes all the features made available to cloud customers in version 2.6.2 and 3.0.

This release contains lots of new features and improvements. We have also included fixes and tweaks to existing functionality.

New language checks added to VT Writer

We have added a new language category called ‘Grammar’ to VT Writer. This new category includes checks for several additional types of writing issues, including:

  • Capitalization errors e.g. “ Washington is the capital city of the u.s.
  • Collocation issues/confused words e.g. “I’m going home today evening”
  • Possible typos e.g. “We had coffee, cheese, and crackers and grapes”
  • Punctuation problems e.g. “The C.I.A is investigating the case”

Keep editing sessions alive

This is an important feature for anyone editing text snippets in VT Writer. Before this update, if your session timed out while editing a text snippet, you would lose your text edits. VT Writer will now prompt you to keep your editing session active while you work for longer periods.

Clicking the “Keep Editing” button will keep your session active for longer. As your session nears expiring again, VT Writer will prompt you again to keep your session alive.

What if you are away from your computer and your session has already expired? You can copy your edited content before it’s lost by clicking the “Copy all Content to Clipboard” button.

New platforms supported for on premise deployment

With this release of Writer we have added support for:

  • RHEL 8
  • AWS Linux
  • Exchange server domain\user\mailbox addresses for inbound IMAP connections

Learn More

For a full list of changes made in this release, please see our release notes here.

For information about deploying VT Writer on-premise behind your corporate firewall, click here.

We hope you enjoy these improvements.

From all in the VisibleThread Product Engineering Team.