Maintaining pWIN
during COVID-19 Resources to support your
Modern Workplace challenges

Maintaining pWIN
during COVID-19

Resources to support your
Modern Workplace challenges

No More Proposal War Rooms – What Next?

Most Bid Center teams have been thrust into working from home. COVID-19 has accelerated the concept of the Modern Workplace in an entire industry. No more proposal war rooms, no more face-to-face meetings, no more collaboration through wall walks.

We’re ready to support you

Virtual workspaces are the new norm. So our team has put together resources that can help take the strain off your remote working teams right now. Blogs, videos, live webinars and software trials are right here for you.

And so is our team. You can contact us with your questions, suggestions and feedback anytime. Click here or email

The Automation Advantage

Generate compliance matrices in minutes, and instantly pinpoint non-compliant
content and poor readability with VT Docs

War Rooms, Wall Walks and Team Huddles have fallen to the way-side. Risk increases by not being able to collaborate face-to-face.

The Automation Advantage allows you to work more effectively. At home and when we are back in the office. VT Docs speeds up your proposal management process and cuts down on human error:

  • Shred RFPs & Create Compliance Matrices in Minutes
  • Make Faster Bid / No-Bid Decisions
  • Ensure Compliance by spotting Gaps & Risks
  • Extract Acronym Definitions & Occurrences
  • Remove Ambiguity & Confusion
  • Ensure Alignment on Win Themes
  • Reduce ‘Scope Creep’ in RFP/BID Responses
  • Identify Federal Acquisition Regulation & Flow-Down Clauses

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“…we have seen an 80% decrease in the amount of time it takes to shred a contract, and develop a matrix to evaluate our performance against that contract.”


Holly Meyer
Director – Business Development | Noridian Healthcare Solutions

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