Dictionary Marketplace

Import sector-specific or general dictionaries into your VT products

How to import Dictionaries

Dictionaries Step 1

  1. Go to “Dictionaries”
  2. Select the “Actions” tab
  3. Click on “Import from text file (CSV)”

Dictionaries Step 2

  1. Click the “browse…” button
  2. Select the dictionary you want to import
  3. Press OK

Dictionaries Step 3

  1. Write the Dictionary name
  2. Press “Import” to upload the dictionary

Dictionaries Step 4

Congratulations! The dictionary is now in your VisibleThread account.

Watch Words Step 1

  1. Log into VT Readability
  2. Click on the Settings button

Watch Words Step 2

  1. Click on “Watch Words”

Watch Words Step 3

  1. Click the “Import from CSV” button
  2. Select “Choose file” and browse to your downloaded file location
  3. Select your import option.You can Append or Overwrite existing watch words. Keep the default option for your first watch word list.

Watch Words Step 4

  1. Click “Submit”
  2. Your watch word list will be displayed on screen.
  3. Congratulations! Your Watch Word list is now installed.

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