Free Compliance Matrix for ITES-3S

Evelyn Wolf
< 1 min read

The Army Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS)Industry Day for ITES-3S and ADMC-3 is scheduled for Wednesday, June 10th at Fort Belvoir.

As background to this, the ITES Services 2 contract expires this year (2015) and ITES-3 is the replacement. ITES-3 Services are estimated to be worth $11 to $15 billion over five years.

Due to it’s size, this IDIQ will interest a lot of government contractors. If you’re involved, we know you’re short on time. To help you, we took a look at the latest draft RFP from fbo here.

Then we ran a shred/burst using VisibleThread. We have made the compliance matrix absolutely free, no form to fill in.


Download ITES 3S (Solicitation Number: W52P1J13RXX3S)

If you’re wondering how we created this, we used our VisibleThread Docs full solution, took us about 2 minutes. Just watch the video below to see how.




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