VisibleThread 5 at 5 Industry Update

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VisibleThread 5 at 5 Industry Update

With busy season upon us we pulled together the latest industry news for you . There is a lot of activity and talk around the Top 100 so we included the latest updates here. We hope this keeps you updated and informed on the latest industry trends.

    1. Top 100: Lockheed Prepares for Growth

Despite not experiencing growth or reduction in size at present Lockheed Martin is preparing for large growth in the future. Their VP of Information Systems & Global Solutions Sondra Barbour, explains:

“We’re not seeing anything drastic in a reduction or an increase, but I think if you have a robust strategy, you’ll be one of the ones to come out of this is in a better place,”

    1. Top 100: GD Embraces Changing Landscape

General Dynamics Information Systems and Technology chairman S. Daniel Johnson is noticing a changing landscape. He’s identified a shift in government entities now wanting to take advantage of the cloud.

    1. The Norfolk, VA region has 340+ ops & total value est. at $25.B

Deltek has put together a comprehensive report on past government spending trends and upcoming opportunities in Norfolk, VA. Over 340 opportunities valued at $25.8 billion are anticipated.

    1. Top 100: Booz Allen’s CEO stays focused on vision for 2020 growth plan

Conceived in 2013, Booz Allen’s 2020 growth plan is staying focused and on track. The plan led to restricting the company’s focus on five primary areas. They are engineering, system delivery, strategic innovation, commercial international business and cyber. Now Vision 2020 is in its third year Booz Allen CEO explains it’s going ‘exceeding well’.

    1. APMP Survey Reveal Proposal Mangers Are Happy At Work

A recent survey taken by the APMP discovered proposal managers are happy on the job! The survey of over 900 members revealed 38.6% are very happy and 40.5% are very happy.

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