OEM Partners

Our OEM partners integrate our advanced content audit capabilities into their solutions.

If you are a technology vendor with clients that need advanced content (either Document or Web) auditing functions, mail partners@visiblethread.com for details of our program.

“When we first saw VisibleThread for Docs, we were immediately impressed by the product’s ease of use and speed which saves time for users. Integrating the VisibleThread capabilities via their API has resulted in strong new capability for our customers.”
Kevin Plexico
Vice President for Information Solutions / Deltek (Technology Partner)

Deltek Partner

Partner Case Study – Deltek


Deltek, Inc. is a leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for professional services firms and government contractors

Deltek and VisibleThread have jointly created an on-demand service for subscribers of Deltek’s GovWin IQ information service that generates an initial compliance matrix for any opportunity. The service is available from the second quarter of calendar year 2012.

In preparing proposals that comply with government contract requirements, capture and proposal teams spend hours analyzing the solicitation documents. A critical output of that analysis is a spread sheet called a “compliance matrix.” This captures all the government’s requirements to make certain the final proposal is compliant.

According to research conducted by Deltek, 90 percent of respondents involved in this process create these matrices manually. With the service provided by Deltek and VisibleThread, companies can generate a starter compliance matrix in minutes instead of hours. In the research, respondents indicated that having an automated tool to generate an initial matrix would have saved at least two days of work.

Incorporating VisibleThread’s engine for compliance matrix creation for GovWin IQ customers is a natural first step in this relationship. The two companies will continue to collaborate on further opportunities to reduce costs and improve win rates for Deltek’s customers.

“When we first saw VisibleThread, we were immediately impressed by the ease of use and its speed which saves time for government contractors. We are always looking for innovative ways to add value, so this relationship offers an immediate win. Anything that can shave hours from the capture and proposal development cycle is a great value for our customers.”
Catherine Morales
Deltek’s EVP and General Manager / Deltek Information Solutions
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