VisibleThread drives clear, compliant language in docs & websites.


You can save days in content review cycles, here’s how

VisibleThread Docs: Compliance & Auditing

Compliance & Auditing tools for Enterprise & Government

  • Responsibility Matrix
  • FAR Clause Extraction
  • Compliance Checks
  • Compare Docs (Show Changes)
  • Clear Language Analysis



VisibleThread Docs: Compliance Matrix

A starter compliance matrix in 3 minutes

  • Burst / Shred any PDF or MS Word document.
  • Create a starter Compliance Matrix in 3 clicks.
  • Saves hours of copy/paste manual effort.
  • Lower your Risk of missing critical requirements.




VisibleThread Communications Suite: Web Content Analysis

VisibleThread Communications Suite – Audit Web Content for Clarity

This quick hands-on video shows how you can measure your web content for clarity. we also show how in a couple of minutes you can check whether your brand terminology is consistency referenced. For Marketing and Comms Managers, it’s a huge time saver.


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VisibleThread Readability: Instant Content Analysis

VisibleThread Readability – Instant Content Analysis for Authors and Editors

  • Measure Your Content Readability.
  • Reports & Annotated Documents.
  • Track Your Analysis History.


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VisibleThread Docs: Compare Doc Revisions

Compare Docs using Text Diff

  • Faster, you have a workable report in Excel in seconds. Compare that to the manual equivalent in Word which could take hours.
  • Visually easier to see changes on both sides: You can easily see changes in both documents simultaneously without the visual overload you get in MS Word.
  • The right format. Since the report is in Excel, it’s really simple to add new columns which allow you prioritize change or write notes for team review.




VisibleThread Docs: Acronyms

Validating acronym integrity in seconds

  • Flag undefined acronyms in seconds.
  • Display conflicting definitions.
  • Automatically extract acronym list from a contract.
  • Saves hours / days of manual checks.


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VisibleThread Docs: Readability

Is your Content Readable? with single tone of Voice?

  • Remove trite and complex language.
  • Benchmark multiple documents side by side.
  • Saves hours of manual editorial review.
  • Share readability report cards in seconds.


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Using Discovery to check Résumé Qualifications

  • Compare Multiple Résumés.
  • Extract Qualifications in Seconds.
  • Check Tech Qualifications, Security Clearance etc.
  • Saves you hours.


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VisibleThread Docs: Risk

How risky are your docs? – using compliance check lists to flag risk

For compliance and proposal professionals working large government or commercial contracts, identifying risk factors in the documents is a daily activity. This demo shows how to identify risky content in minutes.


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VisibleThread Docs: Editing Dictionaries

Editing Dictonaries – An example scenario checking Resumes

VisibleThread checks your docs for compliance against customizable dictionaries.

  • Check for risk, past performance, win themes or resumes.
  • Bulk Import from Excel (CSV).
  • Create unlimited dictionaries.
  • Saves hours / days of manual keyword checks.


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