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Import sector specific or general dictionaries into your VisibleThread environment. How to import dictionaries into VisibleThread.

03 April 2017Gov ContractingFAR Extractor DictionaryThis dictionary identifies OCI (Organisational Conflict of Interest) clauses in the FAR (Federal Acquisition Requirements). Very useful for spotting sensitive FAR clauses across contracts. DOWNLOAD
03 April 2017GeneralPlain Language (Complex Words)A dictionary that finds complex language that you can simplify. Based on the Plain Language movements list of complex words. You can see the list here: http://www.plainlanguage.gov/howto/wordsuggestions/simplewords.cfm DOWNLOAD
31 March 2017GeneralUS to British English DictionaryFlags occurrences of US English, e.g. 'color' etc. Useful if writing for a British audience. DOWNLOAD
31 March 2017GeneralCliches and JargonA dictionary focused on cliches and jargon, 'best of breed' etc. DOWNLOAD

How to import dictionaries into VisibleThread

Download the file and follow these steps. Click the picture to enlarge the image.

Marketplace Step 1
  1. Go to “Dictionaries”
  2. Select the “Actions” tab
  3. Click on “Import from archive”
Marketplace Step 2
  1. Click the “browse…” button
  2. Select the dictionary you want to import
  3. Press OK
Marketplace Step 3
  1. Press “Import” to upload the dictionary
Marketplace Step 4

Congratulations! The dictionary is now in your VisibleThread account.