VisibleThread Communications Suite

Readability & Content Clarity Software for Communications Teams

Communications Suite combines the key features of our DOCS, WEB and READABILITY tools to provide organizations with a comprehensive content clarity solution for Content Managers & Content Writers.


Tools for Content Managers

VT Web (Webpage Audit & Analytics):

This is a web governance tool that will automatically detect language that is not clear, too complex or incorrect on websites and linked documents. It automates the manual process of days of checking content prior to publishing. Unlike other web and social tools it interrogates language and provides guidance on how to improve. It also advises you if the readability score matches your audience learning level and can thus assist in your accessibility strategy.

VT Docs (MS Word & PDF Audit & Analytics):

This is a content compliance tool that will automatically detect language that is not clear, too complex or incorrect in PDF and Word docs. It also automates the manual process of pre-press proofreading which saves days/weeks of time. VT Docs also analyzes your PDF and MS Word documents for risky terminology using customisable dictionaries. It allows you to quickly measure how accessible (Grade Level) and readable your documents are.

The most exciting feature of this tool is its ability to search and discover in large volumes of content the key concepts that are being articulated. It also automatically interrogates multiple versions of a document to identify gaps or errors within.

Tools for Content Creators

VT Readability – Core:

This is a productivity proofing and editing tool. It reduces the time Content Contributors need to spend checking and creating content prior to publication. It is particularly helpful for subject matter experts who wish to communicate their expert knowledge in language that can be easilyread and understood.

VT Readability Server:

(for Content Creators)

This service allows Content Contributors to send documents (Word or PDF) for analysis as mail attachments. The Readability Server then performs analysis on the attached doc, and sends the results directly back to the sender’s Inbox in seconds. Users don’t have to sign into any environment. This is a very low-friction way for contributors to score content.

VT Readability – Team Admin & Oversight Module:

(for Content Managers & Creators)

This module allows Administrators to monitor usage and manage users. For organizations rolling out VisibleThread Readability to many users, this module gives leadership full insight into usage and adoption.



Detailed analysis of your PDF, Word & Excel documents



In-depth clear language analysis of your website



Quick-scan readability tools for content writers

Where Do We Help You?

  1. Auditing – We rapidly identify (minutes) problem areas that are too wordy, non-compliant or have too high a cognitive burden.
  2. Problem Solving – We quickly generate Management & FIX reports for all domains/resources to explain the issues and provide guidance and suggestions on how to fix the problems. This means that with a small staff you can provide automatic content audit reports to all domains in a few clicks of a mouse.
  3. Ongoing Maintenance & Preventing Degradation of Content – Once the baseline is agreed and created, future content can be compared with your baseline stylesheet to prevent future degradation. Long Sentences, Readability Scores & Passive Voice are some of the scoring indicators that are used to articulate where content needs improvement.
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Tech Specs

You can access VisibleThread tools remotely via a secure environment in the cloud. We can also provide you with an on-premise solution where required.

grey_tickNo software installation required
grey_tickSolutions hosted in the VisibleThread cloud
grey_tickSupport for all major browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge
grey_tickWeb content analysis supports any internet facing website independent of hosting provider or CMS used
grey_tickWeb content analysis of intranet sites supported using VisibleThread Web bookmarklet
grey_tickDocument analysis supports all major document formats including MS Word (.docx and .doc), MS Excel, PDF and RTF