Words Matter -
Clear, Compliant Communications Improving the readability and quality of internal and external communication

Words Matter - Measure
your Tone of Voice

Improving the readability and quality of internal and external communication.

VisibleThread Insights Platform

Clear corporate communications delivering measurable results

 For Writers

  • Content creators test and fix their own content for single tone of voice
  • Instantly flag jargon and corporate-speak
  • Analyze both offline and online assets; letters, disclosure statements, directives, blog copy etc.
  • Subject matter experts communicate their technical knowledge in jargon free, easy to understand language

 For Exec Oversight

  • Support your plain language program roll-out
  • Show usage and adoption across your
  • Measure quality improvement across all organization assets, both offline and online
  • Instantly see if writers are using non-compliant, off-brand language


Dollars Saved per Year
per Call Center


Fewer Inbound Helpdesk


Grade Level Reduction
in Correspondence Letters

Measure Content Readability (For Writers)

Analyze your MS Word Docs, PDFs or Raw Text for plain language. Makes your copy clearer by scoring for:

  • The Grade Level required to understand your content
  • The Readability of your content
  • Level of complex sentences, overuse of passive voice and adverbs

Flag Watch Words for Compliance (For Writers)​

Flag occurrence of “watch words” as you edit. Configurable words/phrases to flag off-brand language

  • Spot off-brand and non-compliant language
  • Centrally control watch word list
  • Categorize watch words. For example old T&Cs, out of date product references, and legally sensitive language.

Track Individual and Team Usage (For Exec Oversight)

See usage for teams and users. Help support plain language program rollout across your organization

  • Understand which users and teams are actively scoring
  • Drive better adoption by helping inactive users and teams with plain language education and hand holding
  • Roll out to thousands of users across geographies

Measure Clarity Improvements (For Exec Oversight)​

Measure quality improvement across all organization assets, both offline and online

  • Real-time visibility into how key metrics like grade level are trending
  • View Improvement by team and by user, share reports
  • ​Flag pockets of content that are too complex

Flag Non-Compliant Language (For Exec Oversight)

See which teams and writers may be using non-compliant, off-brand language

  • Understand if teams and users are using non-compliant, off-brand language using “watch words”
  • Pinpoint out of date T&Cs, old product names, prohibited and off brand language
  • ​Export reports to writers for feedback and education
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“People need well written and accurate information. I want them to be able to find information they understand and that’s the value of our website. Our ability to present information clearly has been due to VisibleThread. I really appreciate that and how well it helps us do our work.”
Lindsay Dudbridge
Manager | Clinical Content / American Society of Clinical Oncology

Optional Add-Ons


Detailed analysis of your PDF, Word & Excel documents


In-depth clear language analysis of your website


Quality Check Content Readability and Compliance