VisibleThread Readability

Free Readability Tool for Content Writers

VisibleThread Readability is a one-click plain language analysis tool for writers looking to improve the clarity and quality of their content. It identifies clarity issues in your documents, on your website or instantly as you type.


Measure Your Content Readability

VisibleThread Readability analyzes your MS Word Docs, PDF or Raw Text for plain language. It scores your text using these measures:

  • Sentence Length: Complex sentences are difficult to understand
  • Passive Voice: Active voice increases clarity & strength. E.g. ‘Quality is monitored’ vs. ‘We monitor quality’
  • Education Level: What grade level would be required to easily understand your content?

Reports & Annotated Documents

  • Export and share reports with your team
  • Automatically marks-up your documents with embedded guidance
  • Simple and frictionless fix cycles
  • No need for custom MS Word add-ins

Track Your Analysis History

  • Quick-view or detailed access to all your readability scans
  • Measure improvement by comparing against previous readability scores


Self Serve Readability & Language Compliance

The VisibleThread Readability Server measures & improves the quality & readability of all communications.
Helps embed Plain Language policy and programs.

Content creators submit MS Word and PDFs for scoring and readability analysis right from within their inbox. It couldn’t be easier, just attach a doc to a mail and send it. You’ll get the results in seconds. Users don’t have to sign into any environment. This is a zero friction way for contributors to score content. The Readability Server can run in cloud or on-premise for organizations with sensitive documents.

Send your Document

Submit document via email (as an attachment) to a dedicated email address.


Get your Analysis

The Server sends a return email to the user with Top line scores including; Long Sentences, Passive Voice, Readability, and Grade Level.

Get Assistance

And if the document you submit is a MS Word document, you will also receive a copy of the Word document with annotations highlighting the areas for improvement. If you sent a PDF, you will receive an excel report containing a detailed breakdown of which paragraphs need improvement.


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“People need well written and accurate information. I want them to be able to find information they understand and that’s the value of our website. Our ability to present information clearly has been due to VisibleThread. I really appreciate that and how well it helps us do our work.”
Lindsay Dudbridge
Manager | Clinical Content / American Society of Clinical Oncology

Tech Specs

You can access VisibleThread tools remotely via a secure environment in the cloud.

grey_tickNo software installation required
grey_tickSolutions hosted in the VisibleThread cloud
grey_tickSupport for all major browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge
grey_tickWeb content analysis supports any internet facing website independent of hosting provider or CMS used
grey_tickDocument analysis supports all major document formats including MS Word (.docx and .doc) and PDF
grey_tickSupports the analysis of non-English languages such as Spanish and French