VisibleThread Web

Audit your Entire Website in minutes for Plain Language

VisibleThread Web is a web content analysis tool for Marketing, Editorial and Communications Teams. It scans your entire website, instantly identifying plain language issues. It also finds outdated language, and brand inconsistencies.


Website Clarity

  • Measure the readability of your entire website or specific sections
  • View readability reports in minutes
  • VisibleThread Web analyzes your web content for plain language using these measures:

Readability: How readable is your content (Based on the Flesch Reading Ease)

Sentence Length: Sentences with more than 25 words become more difficult to understand

Passive Voice: Active voice will increase clarity & strength. E.g. ‘Quality is monitored’ vs. ‘We monitor quality’

Complex Words: Complex words can make your content difficult to follow

Education Level: What grade level is required to easily understand your content?

Document Discovery & Clarity

  • Find every PDF and MS Word document on your site
  • Pinpoint the location of each document on your site
  • Review the readability of those documents at a glance


This scan reveals there are 339 PDF documents spread across 156 pages of the website

Scan for Good & Bad Language

  • Ensure that important words & phrases are consistently referenced in your content
  • Flag complex, inconsistent and off-message language
  • Remove ambiguity and confusion from your content

A quick scan of this bank’s website shows the number of times the words ‘member’, ‘client’ or ‘customer’ appear on its website

  • ‘member’ – 555 occurrences
  • ‘client’ – 446 occurrences
  • ‘customer’ – 351 occurrences

VisibleThread identifies these inconsistencies in minutes and saves days of manual content review time

Keyword Discovery

  • Discovery gives you a list of all nouns on your website, ranked in order of the most frequently occurring
  • Cross reference this list with your recommended SEO keywords
  • Find out which phrases you’re not using enough and others you may be using too often

Link-check & Spell-check

  • Identify any broken links on your site, highlighting the page location and http error code
  • Instantly view pages on which there are possible spelling issues


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“People need well written and accurate information. I want them to be able to find information they understand and that’s the value of our website. Our ability to present information clearly has been due to VisibleThread. I really appreciate that and how well it helps us do our work.”
Lindsay Dudbridge
Manager | Clinical Content / American Society of Clinical Oncology

Tech Specs

grey_tickNo software installation required
grey_tickSolutions hosted in the VisibleThread cloud
grey_tickSupport for all major browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge
grey_tickWeb content analysis supports any internet facing website independent of hosting provider or CMS used
grey_tickWeb content analysis of intranet sites supported using VisibleThread Web bookmarklet