Speed-up Contract Review Times

Save 80% of contract review time by shredding documents in minutes


Compare Documents Quickly & Easily

Check draft vs final versions of your contracts for changes



Automate Compliance Checks

Instantly scan your entire document for non-compliant & risky content

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“We have seen an 80% decrease in the amount of time it takes to shred a contract and develop a matrix that allows us to evaluate our performance against that contract.”


Holly Meyer
Director State Operations | Noridian Healthcare Solutions
Document Analysis Software for Contract & Procurement Teams

VisibleThread Docs is a document analysis tool for Contract Teams and Procurement Teams. It instantly pinpoints non-compliant, risky content and poor readability in your documents

Ensure Compliance by Spotting Gaps & Risks
readability Shred Documents & Create Responsibility Matrices
Speed up Readability Proofing & Editing
readability Identify Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) & Flow-Down Clauses
readability Extract Acronym Definitions & Occurrences
Compare Different Versions of Documents


Simple Set-up, Scans in Minutes

Scan Word docs & PDF docs

Review incoming & outgoing contracts

Export & share annotated review docs with your team

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Create a Responsibility Matrix

  • Scan your documents for specific keywords
  • Generate a responsibility matrix, highlighting instances of those specific keywords broken down by team by team
  • Export to excel, add comments and distribute to team leads

VisibleThread Docs creates a responsibility matrix by scanning your documents for the keywords that are relevant to your contract or proposal. The scan identifies all instances of those keywords and assigns them to the specific teams within your organization


You need feedback from your finance team in relation to all instances of the keyword ‘INVOICING’ within a document. VisibleThread’s responsibility matrix tool enables you to easily generate a version of the document for your finance team, calling out all instances of the word ‘payment’.

Acronym Checker

  • Automatically extract acronyms
  • Flag undefined acronyms
  • Highlight conflicting definitions

Instantly scan your documents to identify incorrect and inconsistent use of acronyms or acronyms that have been defined multiple times

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Compare Documents

  • Compare draft vs final versions of proposals & RFP revisions
  • Review differences side by side in excel
  • Simply select the two documents and compare in one click
  • Color-coded highlighting makes differences easy to spot

Unlike other document compare software, VisibleThread identifies differences between two versions of the same document by displaying both side by side. It tells you whether text has been ‘ADDED’, ‘MODIFIED’, ‘DELETED’, or is ‘IDENTICAL’, highlighting ‘identical’ text in blue and ‘added’ or ‘modified’ text in red.

Readability Analysis

  • Make your contracts easier to read
  • Measure readability scores sentence by sentence
  • Flag complex language
  • Remove ambiguity and confusion from your documents

VisibleThread’s clear language tool analyzes your documents for plain language using the following primary measures:

Readability: How readable is your content (Based on the Flesch Reading Ease)

Sentence Length: Sentences with more than 25 words become more difficult to understand

Passive Voice: Active voice will increase clarity & strength. E.g. ‘Quality is monitored’ vs. ‘We monitor quality’

Complex Words: Complex words can make your content difficult to follow

Education Level: What grade level would be required to read and understand your content?

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Theme Discovery

  • Identify the strongest themes within a document
  • Compare the themes of multiple documents to improve compliance and highlight gaps in your contracts

VisibleThread identifies and ranks the most common themes in a document and compares multiple documents for matching themes

Concept Tracking

Search your document for language that is risky, loose, clichéd or simply non-compliant

VisibleThread allows you to search documents for specific words or phrases. After setting up your unique search terms in custom dictionaries, you can then use those dictionaries to search one or more documents at the same time.

Contract Managers can run ‘Bad Language’ scans to remove risky, loose and clichéd language. E.g. ‘we guarantee’, ‘significantly”, ‘state of the art’.

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Annotated Documents

  • Automatically marks up your documents with embedded guidance
  • Simple and frictionless fix cycles
  • No need for custom MS Word add-ins