Clarity during the
COVID-19 Crisis Supporting our government friends
during the COVID-19 pandemic

Clarity during the
COVID-19 Crisis

Supporting our government friends
during the COVID-19 pandemic

Clear Communication During The COVID-19 Crisis

Supporting Your Gov Writing Team

To our government writing community,

Many of you are now working on COVID-19 related content. We want to make sure you can focus on your audience and rely on us for plain language support.

You know the value of clear, accessible written content for all citizens. In a crisis like this, it can be the difference between life and death.

So, we want to offer those writing COVID related content a FREE 3-month single user subscription to our VT Readability plain language tool during the crisis.

We wish you the best as you help inform all citizens about how best to protect themselves, their families and their communities.

Keep well,


Fergal McGovern

PS: Mail me directly on fergal.mcgovern(at)visiblethread(dot)com
if you have any questions.

Your 3-Month Free Usage
In 3 Simple Steps

Follow the steps below and receive your VT Readability Single User Premium license free for 3 months.

Go to: and sign up for the free account
Click ‘Upgrade To Premium’ in center of the page and enter your credit card details.

VT Readability Single User Premium
NOTE: when you put in the discount code below, we will not charge your card for 3 months. You can cancel at any time.

Enter Discount Code

Canadian gov, use coupon code: #COVID-GOV-CA
US gov, use coupon code: #COVID-GOV-US
Aus gov, use coupon code: #COVID-GOV-AUS
Other gov, use coupon code: #COVID-GOV
Not part of a gov agency?  Contact us using the button below.

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How VT Readability Supports Your COVID Communications

VT Readability – Supporting Writers

  • Writers score and fix their own content for clarity and single tone of voice
  • Instantly flag jargon and corporate-speak
  • Analyze both offline and online assets; letters, statements, directives, blog copy etc.
  • Subject matter experts communicate their technical knowledge in jargon free, easy to understand language
Trusted by

“I’m on temporary loan to the Public Health Agency of Canada to help with web writing about COVID-19. This pandemic has underscored the essential nature of plain language during a crisis. When communication is critical, plain language is essential. There’s no room for ambiguity.”

Susan Scruton – Senior Communications Advisor and Web Writer, Public Health Agency of Canada



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