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1. Send your doc

Attach any MS Word or PDF doc to a mail and send it to a dedicated email address.

Get instant feedback on the quality and clarity of your documents. Score all content types, including letters, disclosure statements, directives and blog copy to ensure consistency in communications and a positive experience for your existing and potential customers. 

"The in-depth advice and details that the software offers is incredibly beneficial and offers actionable advice and guidance on what areas need revisions and what is currently working well. This allows content editors to really focus in on the content that need remediation. It’s also great to understand the exact issue, and be able to effectively communicate this to the team.”

Ben Leach

Digital Marketing & PR Exec / Accessibility Specialist

2. Get your analysis 

Receive VT Writer analysis and document scores direct to your inbox to improve readability and the use of plain language in your communications.

Complex sentences, overuse of passive voice, and jargon are flagged to create consistent messaging at an individual and organizational level.

3. Get assistance & fix your document

Get thorough feedback through an annotated MS Word doc and a comprehensive Excel report.

VT Email Service provides a detailed breakdown of readability scores and fix suggestions to improve the quality of your writing.


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