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Contract Review & Sales Proposal Software



 Shred RFPs & contracts and create a compliance matrix or responsibility matrix in minutes



 Cross reference RFPs and proposals for compliance and scan contracts for risk indicators



Improve document readability and ensure single tone of voice for your proposals & contracts

VisibleThread Docs is a document analysis and sales proposal software tool for Proposal Management Teams and Contract Teams. It instantly pinpoints non-compliant content and poor readability in your sales proposals and contracts.

  • Shred RFPs & Contracts in Minutes
  • Automatically Generate a Compliance Matrix
  • Automatically generate a Responsibility Matrix
  • Reach Faster Bid/No-Bid Decisions
  • Ensure Compliance by Spotting Gaps & Risks
  • Speed Up Readability Proofing and Editing
  • Ensure Alignment on Win Themes
  • Extract Acronym Definitions & Occurrences in the Document
  • Reduce “Scope Creep” due to Ambiguity in RFP/Bid Response
  • Identify Federal Acquisition Requirements (FAR) and Flow-Down Clauses


Shred Docs, Create Compliance Matrix in Minutes

  • Burst / Shred any PDF or MS Word document.
  • Create a starter Compliance Matrix in 3 clicks.
  • Saves hours of copy/paste manual effort.
  • Lower your Risk of missing critical requirements.


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Measure Document Readability – Create Single Tone of Voice

  • Remove trite and complex language.
  • Benchmark multiple documents side by side.
  • Saves hours of manual editorial review.
  • Share readability report cards in seconds.


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Compare Doc Revisions Using Text Diff

  • Faster, you have a workable report in Excel in seconds. Compare that to the manual equivalent in Word which could take hours.
  • Visually easier to see changes on both sides: You can easily see changes in both documents simultaneously without the visual overload you get in MS Word.
  • The right format. Since the report is in Excel, it’s really simple to add new columns which allow you prioritize change or write notes for team review.



Verify Acronyms – Ensure Acronym Compliance

  • Flag undefined acronyms in seconds.
  • Display conflicting definitions.
  • Automatically extract acronym list from a contract.
  • Saves hours / days of manual checks.


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Using Discovery to Check Résumé Qualifications

  • Compare Multiple Résumés.
  • Extract Qualifications in Seconds.
  • Check Tech Qualifications, Security Clearance etc.
  • Saves you hours.


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Bad Language Analysis

View critical content gaps and inconsistencies within documentation as a whole, identify dependencies across multiple documents and discover issues earlier.


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Content Discovery

With ‘discovery’, VisibleThread immediately displays the most frequently occurring concepts (nouns) and their distribution across MS Word, Excel or pdf documents.

This means that for Business Development and Bid Managers, ‘go / no go’ decisions are informed by reviewing key concepts in SOWs or RFPs. Don’t waste money chasing the bid if it’s not aligned with internal competencies or your competitor has shaped the bid.

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Dictionary Customization

VisibleThread checks your docs for compliance against customizable dictionaries.

  • Check for risk, past performance, win themes or resumes.
  • Bulk Import from Excel (CSV).
  • Create unlimited dictionaries.
  • Saves hours / days of manual keyword checks.


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VisibleThread deployment options

In Cloud

VisibleThread Docs Cloud is a hosted solution available by subscription, literally ready to start working in minutes and flexible enough to grow with your needs.
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On Premise

VisibleThread Docs On Premise is deployed into your environment, under your control and offers the pricing flexibility of our On Demand subscription model.
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