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Supporting visionary global enterprises and government organizations

We are proud to work with visionary companies and government agencies

9 of the Top 15 US government contractors use VisibleThread including Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics.

Our Language Analysis Platform is deployed across multiple industries including:

  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Insurance
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Health Insurance
  • IT Services
  • Government

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Collins Aerospace


Harmonia Holdings Group


Noridian Healthcare


Rapiscan Systems


Buchanan & Edwards


General Dynamics

In Their Own Words

"[…] When executives and stakeholders see the before and after numbers, and big red vs. green boxes, they’re shocked into seeing deficiencies that they didn’t see before.[…] we’ve been able to show that large drop-off points in an application form correlated to content with poor readability scores, and showed how we could improve readability and by extension, reduce application drop-offs. The tool helps us create content that meets our friendlier voice and tone guidelines, and especially to meet AODA/WCAG accessibility requirements, which is vital in our regulated industry. It also helps us improve our SEO, and helps us to make our content more mobile friendly […].”

Ann Mayer

Content Strategist, Client Experience, CIBC

"At Aberdeen Standard Investments, we want to be completely transparent, serve our customers and retain their trust. VisibleThread helps us do just that."

Chris Hill

Global Head of Content, Aberdeen Standard Investment

"‘Out of the box’ incredibly easy to use and very powerful, however the ability to customize features adds a next level to its’ capabilities. With VT Docs, we can rip an RFP and create a draft compliance matrix and responsibility matrix in minutes versus days. The Compare Docs feature is essential to detecting changes from one version to another, especially when RFP amendments without changes noted are released. The Readability features allow for voicing and grammar checking in minutes. We use VT for almost every RFP. It is an essential tool in our proposal response toolbox. And it’s not just the software, from client services to training to support, Visible Thread the entire experience is outstanding. If you’re in the business of responding to RFPs, this is a critical tool to add.”

Lee Evans

President, Virtual Logic Group

"I just wanted to let you know that VisibleThread is rocking our world. It has dramatically helped improve the quality and readability of our documents. Saves editing time and helps to flag problem areas quickly"

Patricia A Fieldson

Manager / Capture Advancement Team | Collins Aerospace

“The comparison tool for both PDF/Word and Excel are the best I have ever used. They provide a fast and outstanding overview of the changes to a document version. Also the acronym checker is excellent to help you verify that you have defined all your acronyms in your document. VisibleThread is perfect for breaking work bid documents and highlighting the content that is relevant to your business. This saves a ton of time when needing to review a bid and decide if it should be bid upon or not.”

Jakobsen Henrik

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

"I’m on temporary loan to the Public Health Agency of Canada to help with web writing about COVID-19. This pandemic has underscored the essential nature of plain language during a crisis. When communication is critical, plain language is essential. There’s no room for ambiguity."

Susan Scruton

Senior Communications Advisor and Web Writer, Government of Canada

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