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Improve Compliance, Reduce Risk & Win More Business

Increase the efficiency, clarity and compliance of RFPs and contracts.

64% of the Fortune 1000 Aerospace & Defense companies and 9 of the Top 15 US government contractors use VisibleThread.

They use it to make current manual review cycles up to 85% more efficient and reduce risk.

Our Language Analysis Platform helps you:

  • Submit compliant proposals 85% faster
  • Reduce proposal cycles by 66.7 hours
  • Increase compliance and probability of win by 9.8%
  • Flag post-award risk factors and inconsistencies
  • Identify risk factors in your supplier contracts
“I LOVE every bit of this software! Shreds take 15-20 minutes to complete instead of 2-3 weeks. Compares take 10-15 minutes, the results come back in 1 Excel document with the 2 original side-by-side … and take less than 10 minutes to completion, instead of 2-3 weeks”

Jean Hook

Writer/Editor, Boeing

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The world’s largest defense and aerospace companies use VisibleThread

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Why do the world’s largest aerospace and defense contractors use VisibleThread?

VT Docs allows them optimize every step of their proposal and contract review process, without forcing behavior change. VT Writer allows engineers and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) self-score their written content for single-tone-of-voice.

Makes proposal and contracts staff up to 85% more efficient, reduces compliance risk and increases win rates.

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