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VT Writer improves the quality of mission critical business writing

Introducing Grammar to VT Writer

VT Writer 3.0 now flags grammar issues alongside your plain language metrics. We will now flag:

  • capitalization errors
  • collocation issues
  • possible typos
  • punctuation problems
  • and more…

Instantly score your content.

Analyze your MS Word Docs, PDFs and Raw Text for plain language and complex, jargon-laden copy

  • Actionable feedback for SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and business writers
  • Score all content types; letters, disclosure statements, directives, blog copy etc.
  • Instantly flag complex Sentences, overuse of passive-voice, jargon and corporate-speak
"I’m on temporary loan to the Public Health Agency of Canada to help with web writing about COVID-19. This pandemic has underscored the essential nature of plain language during a crisis. When communication is critical, plain language is essential. There’s no room for ambiguity."

Susan Scruton

Senior Communications Advisor and Web Writer, Government of Canada

“Our content specialists love using VT Writer for auditing and updating our digital content”

Anne M.
Content Strategist
Financial Services, 10,001+ employees
Used the software for: 2+ years

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Flag jargon with customized watch words

Flag occurrence of “watch words” as you edit. Configurable words/phrases to flag non-compliant language.

  • Spot off-brand and non-compliant language. For example old T&Cs, out of date product references, and legally sensitive language.
  • Centrally control watch word list
  • Expose your style guide to all writers
Flag Jargon with customized watch words

Track How your Readability Improves

See how you improve your content during the edit cycle. Track improvement of Text and PDF/Word docs.

  • Track your edit history & show clarity improvement
  • Review your full edit history
  • See revisions and versions of documents and text snippets

Export Reports & Annotated MS Word Docs

Easily create reports in Excel or create marked-up Word documents.

  • Export and share reports with your team
  • Automatically mark-up your document with embedded guidance. No need for custom MS Word add-ins
  • Simple and frictionless fix cycles

VT Writer Email Service

Score your docs directly from your mail. The email service uses three simple steps to get clarity results directly back to your Inbox:

  1. Send your doc
    Attach your MS Word or PDF doc to a mail and send to a dedicated email address.
  2. Get your analysis
    Within seconds, receive your VT Writer analysis and scores back into your inbox.
  3. Get assistance & fix doc
    Open the MS Word annotated doc and an excel report containing a detailed breakdown of scores along with detailed fix suggestions.

VT Writer Your Way


  • Analyze Text Snippets
  • Analyze up to 5 URLs
  • Analyze up to 5 Documents
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Premium Single User

  • Analyze Unlimited Text Snippets
  • Analyze URLs
  • Analyze Documents
  • Personal Watch Words & Ignore Lists
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  • Analyze Unlimited Text Snippets
  • Analyze URLs
  • Analyze Documents
  • Team-wide Watch Words and Ignore Lists
  • Email Service
  • On-Premise Deployment Option
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
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