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Our History

VisibleThread was founded in 2008. Coming from a background of large-scale IT Delivery, we saw that poorly written documents accounted for up to 40%* of wasted program dollars.

People simply did not read large specifications or understand the inherent risk of loose language during program delivery.

So, we saw a clear opportunity to scan the content and identify risk using automated analysis. Existing methods were purely manual, involving time-consuming review cycles, dependent on scarce expertise and hard to coordinate. Nobody had time to read/review large volumes of written content. There had to be a better way!

Others agreed.

* Hooks and Farry, 2001.

“VisibleThread is an innovative product that addresses a critical business need where knowing a document exists, such as for project specifications, is not enough, and there is a need to go further to eliminate ambiguities and gain insight into content compliance.”
Michael Azoff
Principal Analyst / Ovum

VisibleThread went into private alpha/beta releases during 2008 and early 2009 with over 50 participants.

In May of 2009, we secured $1.4m in seed funding.

We went to public beta in Q3, 2009, followed by a first GA (General Availability) product release in Q4 2009 of our VisibleThread for Docs product.

Our first corporate customers came on board early 2010. We set up our US Baltimore office the same quarter.

Our first fortune 1000 customer in Q2, 2010.

In May of 2012, we announced a strategic partnership with Deltek (NASDAQ:Proj) which exposes VisibleThread capability to the 30,000 strong Deltek GovWin IQ customer base.

In Q4 2012, we launched VisibleThread Web, a product that identifies clarity and consistency issues for web content.

By Q2, 2013, 4 of the top 5 US Gov. Contractors were using VisibleThread solutions.

In Q1 2014, we opened our Australian office to serve our growing customer base in Australia/NZ.

By end of 2014, we grew revenue 102% YOY, and had over 120 corporate customers, with 49 new customers on-boarded during 2014 alone.

How do we help?

Our document and web content analysis solutions identify content issues across the entire organization. Users can analyze collections of MS Office, PDF docs and entire websites for liability concerns, automatically create compliance documents, and score content for clarity and readability.

Today, our products; VT DocsVT Web and VT Communications Suite are used by proposal / contracts teams, and communications teams. The identification of compliance concerns through automated language scans improves efficiency and drives less risky, more engaging content.

Who we work with?

Our customers come from three core areas: Bid / Proposal Development, Legal Reviewers and Marketing and Brand teams.

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