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When the CMS mandates clear communications, providers demonstrate it with metrics

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) stipulates clarity requirements.

The VisibleThread Language Analysis Platform allows you to:

CMS Clarity Requirements

#3.2 Keep your sentences simple and relatively short

Use as few words as possible for each sentence, and one idea per sentence.

#3.1 Write in a conversational style, using active voice

Active voice builds trust. Use it to make your writing style accessible.

#3.7 Don't overuse technical terms and acronyms

Don’t use “insider-speak” or jargon that you’re reader won’t understand.

#3.8 Write as simple as you can for your audience

The average American reads at an 8th grade level. Write simply to be understood.

“If members with easy-to-answer questions find their answers, the call center load reduces. Demand on the call center can drop 10-30% if you fix upstream.”

Jack Nelson

Former Executive Vice President of Operations, CVS Caremark

eBook: Complexity is damaging your Star Ratings

Improve your Star Ratings and reduce cost by embracing plain language

In this eBook learn: 

Make your plans and content accessible, and easy to understand

Top Scoring Medicare & Medicaid insurers invest time & dollars to make their plans simple & easy to follow. VisibleThread’s Language Analysis Platform will make your plans and documents clearer and simpler within three months. Resulting in increased engagement, customer satisfaction, and profits.

The leading US health insurers use VisibleThread to improve customer experience

Why do 56.6% of Health Insurance companies communicate in an academic tone with too much passive voice?

Your members expect just one thing from you: “Make it easy for me to read and understand!”

It’s not easy we know, that’s why US health insurers use our Language Analysis Platform. It measures readability, provides insights for quality improvement, and simplifies the messaging you deliver to your members and staff.

Research & Ebooks

86.6% of Medicare documents are not accessible to those 65 or over. How do you compare?

Trust in the health insurance industry is declining year on year. This is according to the Edelman Trust Barometer. This loss of trust means consumers are less loyal. Acquiring new customers is becoming more difficult for organizations. How can health insurers regain trust? Clear communication is a proven strategy.

Enhancing the membership experience - Making your communications clear and compliant

Insurance providers send thousands of membership letters every day. Most are written by subject matter experts using institutional language. Jargon leaves members confused and even anxious. Review an example of how to change membership communication and learn about the benefits to your operations.

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