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Meet the VisibleThread Team

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Meet the VisibleThread Team

Meet the VisibleThread Executive Team

Our mission is to eliminate complexity and place clarity at your organization’s core.

Fergal McGovern, CEO & Founder

Fergal McGovern

Fergal is our Founder and CEO. His mission is to make business communications clearer. Fergal believes that clear communications is a human right. And that technology can help larger organizations ditch the jargon, and speak with a human voice.

He works closely with many of our strategic accounts and guides the overall direction of what we do.

Prior to VisibleThread, Fergal was founder of SteelTrace, a company that he led to a successful exit.

John Nolan, CCO

As Chief Commercial Officer, John oversees our commercial teams in North America, Australia and Europe.

He also helps unlock significant business value for major customers in the Financial Services, Defence, and Government sectors. He believes that clarity drives a better brand experience, and lowers operational costs for organizations.

John has 25 years experience in international business development, sales & marketing within the ICT sector.

Jason O’Connell, CTO & Co-Founder

Jason O'Connell

Jason sets our technology strategy and leads the way for our tech folk to deliver impactful & innovative VisibleThread products to our customers. He helps our customers get the most out of our products and believes: “Simplicity of expression = clarity of message; whether in technology or writing”.

Jason’s tech background & interests include; cryptography, security, artificial intelligence & natural language processing.

Evelyn Wolf, CMO

Evelyn is responsible for our marketing activities across all sectors.

Together with her team she spreads the message that words matter. Whether through our own online content or events, she provides valuable communication to our audience that helps them implement a plain language strategy.

Evelyn brings over 15 years of marketing experience to VisibleThread. Prior to VisibleThread, she held positions at HubSpot and Iona Technologies. Most recently, she has been helping both startups and high growth enterprises scale.

Evelyn Wolf

Laura Mathews, COO

Laura is our COO and is responsible for Operations, Finance, People and Culture. Together with the Executive Team, Laura is responsible for implementing the business strategy and driving efficiencies across the organisation.

Laura brings over 15 years’ experience within Operations, Finance and Human Resources across start-ups, high growth and large-scale enterprises. Most recently, Laura has worked with a small, indigenous company transforming it to a large global organisation through organic growth and subsequent M&A’s.

Eoin Wren, VP Engineering

Eoin is a technology professional with over 20 years experience designing and delivering software products and services.

As Head of Engineering he oversees product development in VisibleThread. He brings a wide range of experience to this role having previously built software teams and products for global product companies.

Eoin also brings a strong customer focus having developed customer relationships in his previous roles working in technical consultancy. Eoin drives the product development team in VisibleThread, delivering high-quality products that deliver a great customer experience.