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While there are a few other elements of pricing, e.g. training costs, one-off set-up costs, the main subscription charge is per user for both VT Docs and VT Writer.

We do not charge based on content analyzed. So, you can analyze unlimited content across both products in the platform.

Yes, you can deploy both VT Docs and VT Writer into SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities).

Our behind the firewall deployments are fully isolated & locked-down. They have no contact with the internet. All data is private to your deployment, and our technical support team has no access to any of your data.

We support on-premise and various private cloud configurations. See more here for the supported deployment models

VT Docs and VT Writer are both subscription models. You pay an annual subscription for a set number of “active users” and for platform usage.

Both products operate on the based of named “active” users. You can set up multiple users but only set some of them as “active”. You pay for the total number of active users at any one time. So, let’s assume you have a total pool of say 25 potential users, but expect only 15 need to be active, then you pay for 15 “active users”.

Yes, all technical support is included. We have a full ticketing system which tracks every support inquiry. We route tickets automatically to our 1st and 2nd line support teams.  For customers, we also have a full SLA (Service Level Agreement) which outlines detailed turn-around times, escalation paths etc. Finally we also provide an online support forum here where users can self-serve, and/or submit tickets. 

When you purchase a VT Docs license you get the full capability of VT Docs. Similarly with VT Writer / VT Insights. We do not offer piecemeal pricing for subsets of functionality within each product line.

Mail us directly on: info@VisibleThread.com or see our Support Forum.

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