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Our Opening VT Docs Certification Course covers

Finding changes between
two versions of a doc

Creating a Starter
Compliance Matrix

Editing & Creating

Reviewing for readability

And much

VT University is a super helpful way to get a detailed walkthrough of VisibleThread's solutions. Great content is delivered in short bursts, making it easy to learn about the different features.

Sharon Eddison
Course Attendee

Quick Start Guides

User Quick Start Guide

If you’re starting out with VT Docs or even an experienced user, you’ll find this short quick start guide really useful. Covers: creating a starter compliance matrix in 3-clicks, comparing PDF, Word and Excel docs, acronym checking etc.

Dictionary Quick Start Guide

Dictionaries are groups of phrases and terms that we want to search for with documents. Import sector-specific or general dictionaries into your VT products.

Admin Set Up [Cloud]

How to add, edit and delete users on the cloud. Setting up VT Docs for SSO.

Admin Set Up [On-Prem]

How to add, edit and delete users on-prem. Setting up VT Docs for SSO.

Quick Start Guide

See how VT Insights supports plain language programs.

User Quick Start Guide

Getting started with VT Writer. Main flows covering analyzing MS Word, PDFs, and text snippets. Customizing watch-word and ignore lists.

Admin Set Up

Setting up users and teams. Configuring teamwide watch-word and ignore lists.

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