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Our Courses

For new users, we provide tutorial videos and quizzes to help you learn our software at your own pace and get the most value from it.

An Introduction to VT Docs

For new users, we’ve created 7 tutorial videos and quizzes to help you maximize your experience with VT Docs. Learn at your own pace and extract the most value from the software.

Mastering VT Docs

This advanced course builds upon introductory knowledge, offering 11 tutorials and quizzes to deepen your understanding of VT Docs’ essential features.

VT Docs Skill Building Modules

Elevate your VT Docs skills with VT University’s short Skill Building modules. These 7 modules offer practical training in essential areas. Enroll today for efficient, targeted learning!

An Introduction to VT Writer

Unlock VT Writer’s potential with our introductory course. Through seven tutorials and quizzes, master essential features, and enhance your writing and communication skills today!

VT Insights: Measuring VT Writer Usage & Quality

Discover how to utilize VT Insights to revolutionize your VT Writer experience. Learn how to measure organization-wide improvements in content quality while tracking clarity enhancements. 

Get ready to dive into the world of VT Docs with our first course, “An Introduction to VT Docs”! This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate VT Docs with confidence. Through a series of 7 concise tutorial videos and interactive quizzes, you’ll breeze through the course at your own pace.

The second course, Mastering VT Docs is designed to meet the needs of both seasoned users and newcomers. This comprehensive program includes 11 tutorial videos and captivating quizzes. You will dive deep into the essential features of VT Docs. From Concept Tracking and Discovery to the magic of Dictionaries and Macros, you’ll develop a profound understanding of the platform.

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Enroll in a VT University course to gain valuable skills and knowledge of VisibleThread’s solutions. Upon completion, receive a certificate recognizing your achievements. Whether for professional development or skill enhancement, VT University fosters self-growth and lifelong learning.


Graduate of the month blogs

Hear what our recent VT University Graduates have to say about our courses.


VT Docs Course 1 & 2

John Lewis

Solutions Sr Advisor
General Dynamics IT


VT Docs Course 1 & 2

Laura Harte

Senior Proposal Writer / Writing Team Lead

VT Docs Course 1 & 2

Valerie Ormond

Veteran Writing Services

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