VT University – August Graduate Of The Month

Keen to join the VT University alumni crew of 200+? Take the plunge into VT University today! Our complimentary virtual courses provide a deep dive into VisibleThread solutions, helping you become a pro. Finish the courses, pass those certifications, and elevate your user status to the next level.
Aoife Keane

Customer Marketing Specialist

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Introducing our latest Graduate Of The Month

Meet Valerie Ormond, an expert in writing, editing, and consulting on diverse Government and commercial projects. Valerie is the CEO of Veteran Writing Services, an organization that specializes in professional writing and consulting. They demonstrate to their clients the unique value of applying veteran expertise to their projects. Valerie has over 30 years of experience in leadership, crisis management, and specialized military roles. She brings a wealth of skills to her work.

She’s also well-versed in intelligence, training, operations, and resource management. Her industry knowledge was developed through supporting businesses of all sizes. She participated in Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management entrepreneur program. Valerie has a strong background in federal contracts. Serving in various roles such as Proposal Writer, Volume Lead, Reviewer, Editor, and on Government source selection panels.

Valerie’s dedication to ongoing self-improvement motivated her to join VT University. Her goal was to enhance her VT Docs proficiency, ensuring she stayed at the forefront of her industry.

“These courses give an excellent overview of the main features of Visible Thread in just a short period of time along with some helpful time-saving tips. Thank you!”

As a user of VT Docs for many years, Valerie also shared her experience with the product to date:  

"VT Docs is the best time-saving platform I have used in proposal writing. I use the Compliance Matrix feature to ensure I've met proposals' requirements for my sections because not all companies and proposal managers regularly use Compliance Matrices. This feature is so quick and easy to use and serves as a great second check for me before I turn in my documents. [...] My overall experience has been outstanding, and I have been able to deliver quality documents to a variety of clients in less time, saving them money."

VT University

Looking to tap into VT University’s full potential? Jump in today! Our complimentary virtual courses offer a comprehensive education in VisibleThread solutions, guiding you toward mastery. Complete the courses, conquer those certification exams, and position yourself as a top-performing user. Enroll now to supercharge your professional journey and set off on a rewarding path of growth.  Join VT University today and unlock your limitless possibilities!

  • Course 1: An Introduction to VT Docs
    Step into the world of VT Docs with our first course, “An Introduction to VT Docs”! This all-encompassing program empowers you to navigate VT Docs effortlessly. Through 7 tutorial videos and interactive quizzes, you’ll uncover the secrets to maximizing productivity. Learn how to compare documents, extract acronyms, and enhance your document’s readability. Enroll today to embark on your exciting VT Docs learning journey.
  • Course 2: Mastering VT Docs
    Tailored for both seasoned users and newcomers alike, “Mastering VT Docs” is a comprehensive program boasting 11 tutorial videos and captivating quizzes. Dive deep into VT Docs’ core features, including Concept Tracking, Discovery, Dictionaries, and Macros. Hone your expertise and unleash VT Docs’ full potential. Enroll now to elevate your skills and unlock a world of new possibilities.

Course 1: An Introduction to VT Writer

Exciting news from VT University! We’ve just rolled out the first VT Writer course. Get ready to immerse yourself in a game-changing learning experience that shakes up communication analysis. You’ll dive deep into VT Writer reports, where you’ll uncover valuable insights and learn to use Watch Words, import lists, and make the most of the Ignore List. Join us and amp up your communication analysis skills today!


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