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Instantly score all content for clarity, improve your organization’s writing & reduce friction.

The Problem

The volume of important content has exploded, but how much is it costing you?

Large commercial and government organizations create lots of important written content. Ranging from license agreements, denial of claims letters, product updates, and internal policy docs. But poor communications (overly complex and inaccessible content) leads to bad outcomes and needless cost.

* Based on a survey of 400 companies by David Grossman

“VisibleThread is rocking our world. It has dramatically helped improve the quality and readability of our documents. Saves editing time and helps to flag problem areas quickly”

Patricia A Fieldson
Manager / Capture Advancement Team

Roles Affected

Our Solution

Scoring Important Business Content

Clarity vs. Grammar

With VT Writer App, Word Add-in, Email Service

Many vendors in the market identify grammar issues. VT Writer does too. But VT Writer’s primary focus is to improve the clarity of content by scoring every paragraph.

So you get a readability “Grade Level” score for all paragraphs. Not just the bad ones, the good ones too. So, you can see what’s working well, and what needs a little more work.

Email Service - Score By Mail

With VT Writer Email Service

VT Writer’s Email service allows users send an MS Word or PDF doc to an email address for analysis. Attach any document to a mail and send it to a dedicated email address. Receive analysis and document scores directly to your inbox.

  • "When executives and stakeholders see the before and after numbers, they’re shocked into seeing deficiencies that they didn’t see before."

    Ann Mayer
    Content Strategist, Client Experience | CIBC

  • “The in-depth advice and details that the software offers is incredibly beneficial and offers actionable advice and guidance on what areas need revisions and what is currently working well. This allows content editors to really focus in on the content that need remediation.”

    Ben Leach
    Digital Marketing & PR Exec / Accessibility Specialist | HeX Productions

    “The software provides useful advice and guidance for content editors to focus on areas that need revisions and identify what’s working well.”

    Ben Leach
    Digital Marketing & PR Exec / Accessibility Specialist

    Full Enterprise Visibility

    with VT Insights

    VT Insights maintains the record of any edits you make. But not just your own edit cycle, everyone across your organization. And it breaks it out by teams and custom date ranges too. Gives you full insight into improved communications across your organization.

    MS Word Add-in

    With VT Writer Word Add-in

    The VT Writer Word Add-In lets you analyze your writing for clarity, directly within your Microsoft Word environment.

    Cloud users deploy from MS Store, on-premise users automatically provisioned.

    “When executives and stakeholders see the before and after numbers, they’re shocked into seeing deficiencies that they didn’t see before.”

    Ann Mayer
    Content Strategist, Client Experience

    VisibleThread - Customer Hosted (June 2023)

    Customer Hosted

    Deploy to Private Cloud or On-premise

    For highly sensitive information, you can deploy to a private-cloud or on-premise. This means that you have 100% control over all data, and remain fully compliant. Running inside your network, either physically on your premises, or hosted in a private cloud under your control, for example on AWS or Azure.

    Supports Non-English Languages

    Works for non-English alphabet-based languages such as French, Spanish or German.

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