Top Government Contracts

Government contracting can be a great way to win lucrative business and tap into important networks. In this blog we will explore some of the most beneficial government contracts available. We'll cover the top government contracts and how you can streamline your process to give you a critical edge in bidding for these profitable opportunities.
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Top Government Contracts

Are you a government contractor hoping to expand your business through large-scale contracts? Chances are you’ve already heard of the major ones: CIO-SP4, Protech 2.0 Fisheries Domain and GSA’s OASIS+. These three contracts account for $108 billion in sales and could provide the perfect opportunity for businesses looking to get in on the government contracting game.

Government contracting refers to the process of businesses bidding for and winning contracts by government agencies. The contracts allow the business to provide goods, services, labour or materials to these government agencies. The government is one of the largest purchasers of products and services in the world. Government contracts can, therefore, be a significant source of revenue for businesses.

In this blog post, we will discuss each of them briefly with an eye towards helping contractors make informed decisions about their potential involvement. We’ll explore what makes these deals so attractive, some of their key aspects, as well as how to gain maximum advantage from them if chosen to participate. Read on and find out more! 

(CIO-SP4) $40B Chief Information Officer – Solutions and Partners 4  

This contract is a Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC).  It provides federal agencies with a streamlined way to acquire IT products, services and solutions such as: 

  • Cloud Computing  
  • Cybersecurity  
  • Health  
  • IT Software Development 
  • Telecommunications 

NITAAC anticipates awarding approximately 400 contracts to businesses of various sizes, including large, small, and other-than-small enterprises. CIO-SP4 has the ability to transform a small business.

Currently, the NITAAC completed its evaluation of proposals in all three phases in accordance with the subject solicitation, including its source selection procedures. We compared the original RFP released May 2021 with the most recent RFP (amendment 5). 

You can download our free comparison document here. 

$8B Protech 2.0 Fisheries Domain RFP

The Protech 2.0 Fisheries Domain is a multiple-award, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle. It provides professional and technical services to support the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and other affiliated organizations.  

The RFP outlines six task areas:

  • Studies 
  • Data Analysis and Reports 
  • Applied Research 
  • Engineering 
  • Consulting and Operations 
  • Fisheries Management and Consultation Activities, and Economic and Social Science  

The overall acquisition has an $8 billion ceiling which is reserved for small businesses. It covers scientific and technical services within and outside the U.S.

To help the contractor community, we shredded the entire RFP using VT Docs.

You can download the free starter compliance matrix here. 

$60B GSA’s OASIS+ MAC Draft RFP March Update

This contract is a multiple-award contract that provides federal agencies with flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services requirements.  

The RFP will cover a wide range of professional services including:

  • Management Consulting 
  • Program Management 
  • Engineering 
  • Scientific 
  • Logisitics 
  • Financial services 

The unrestricted pool is open to all large businesses. The small business pool, is for, well, small businesses only. GSA released the draft RFP in March 2023. It included several updates and revisions to the previous versions. It has a ceiling value of $60 billion.

We shredded and compared the original and updated RFP using VT Docs.

You can download our free comparison document here.  

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