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Free Compare Document Report for the $60B GSA’s OASIS+ MAC Draft RFP March Update

MARCH UPDATE – GSA’s has issued an Update for the OASIS+ RFP. We shredded and compared the original and updated RFP using VT Docs. We found 5,231 changes in both updated RFPs from the original RFPs release in January. Download the compare document reports below & get an immediate head start.

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A Full Comparison Report of the Update of OASIS+ MAC for both Small Business and Unrestricted

We wanted to save you time. We took the draft RFP (47QRCA21N0001), released in January and compared this to the just-released March updated RFPs using VT Docs.

We did this for the Unrestricted and also the Small Business RFPs.

A total of 379 Pages, 7,216 rows compared and 5,231 paragraphs changed

We compared a total of 7,216 rows in Excel with the March updated RFPs in a comparison report in Excel.

We found 2490 paragraphs were changed in the Small Business RFP and 2741 paragraphs in the Unrestricted RFP.

We found minor changes of terms throughout both RFPs, important paragraphs that are modified and added in Section C, and monetary value additions in sections such as the Research and Development and Intelligence Services Domain sections.

That’s a lot of manual comparing line by line that you won’t have to worry about as you review how compliant you’ll be against the requirements. Learn more.

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Feel free to use this compare report in whatever way you like. Just fill in the form, and download the Excel file. This download will provide you with the unrestricted RFP. If you’re more interested in the SMB RFP, we will send both the Unrestricted RFP and the Small Business RFP compare reports to you by email. So, you’re covered.

If you plan to pursue this, good luck and we hope the report helps save you time.

You can also download the Free Starter Compliance Matrix here

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