Shred RFPs & contracts and create a compliance matrix or responsibility matrix in minutes



 Cross reference RFPs and proposals for compliance and scan contracts for risk indicators



Improve document readability and ensure single tone of voice for your proposals & contracts

Rapiscan Systems

Cut compliance checks from hours to minutes.

Noridian Healthcare


Time savings of 80% on contract review.

General Dynamics


Driving Sales Efficiency. 8 hours to 15 minutes.

Milestone Systems

Better Consistency for Sales Proposal Lifecycle.

VisibleThread is a document analysis and sales proposal software tool for Proposal Management Teams and Contract Teams. It instantly pinpoints non-compliant content and poor readability in your sales proposals and contracts.

  • Shred RFPs & Contracts in Minutes
  • Automatically Generate a Compliance Matrix
  • Automatically generate a Responsibility Matrix
  • Reach Faster Bid/No-Bid Decisions
  • Ensure Compliance by Spotting Gaps & Risks
  • Speed Up Readability Proofing and Editing
  • Ensure Alignment on Win Themes
  • Extract Acronym Definitions & Occurrences in the Document
  • Reduce “Scope Creep” due to Ambiguity in RFP/Bid Response
  • Identify Federal Acquisition Requirements (FAR) and Flow-Down Clauses

Create First Cut Compliance Matrix in Minutes

Run a compliance scan on the solicitation. We check for all instances of ‘will’, ‘must’, ‘shall’ in any docs including, SOWs and large RFPs. With one-click, you can generate a first pass starter Excel Compliance Matrix. This shreds all content, not just the occurrences of will and shall.

If you’re a Capture or Proposal Manager, you’ll save hours/days of copy/paste hell.


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Speed ‘Bid / No-Bid’ Decisions with Affinity Checks

With ‘Concept Tracking’, VisibleThread’s proposal management software allows you setup your core competencies in a dictionary. You then scan for these indicators across multiple solicitation PDFs or MS Word docs. You can scan SOWS (Statements of Work), PWS (Performance Work Statements), TOs (Task Orders) right up to large RFPs in minutes.

For Capture and Proposal Managers, ‘go / no go’ decisions are informed by reviewing the overlap of key concepts.

Should you team, should you pass on the bid? Don’t waste money chasing the bid if it is not aligned with your internal competencies.

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Improve Proposal Readability

Flag complex and poor readability by heading.

Long sentences often mask multiple distinct propositions. For proposal responses, they make the reviewers job difficult. Splitting them flushes out ambiguity and enhances clarity.

Passive language (noun preceding verb) lacks strength and often assumes an implicit ‘actor’. Re-phrasing passive language yields clear, actionable statements.

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Eliminate Waffle and Reduce Legal Risk with Bad Language Analysis

Run a review scan that immediately picks up language that weakens credibility, raises legal questions or affects the delivery of your solution. Proposals containing sloppy, ‘waffle’ or legally risky language put the win in jeopardy. Examples like; ‘we are delighted to’, ‘we will ensure’ or ‘we are expert’ should be scrubbed and replaced.

Color team review teams can perform a highly efficient automated scan and save manual cycles.

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Image Risk

Validate Responsiveness with ‘Win Theme’ Checks

Bid Managers need to re-enforce win themes in high priority sections of the response. Just run the win theme analysis, VisibleThread instantly highlights gaps in your proposal.

Running a win theme analysis means that the response has a consistent focus when multiple authors are collaborating.

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Support Efficient Team Reviews

Collaborate with distributed teams in the context of the document.

Adding ‘in context’ comments allows you to view commentary side by side with the document content. Comments can be categorized using rich color coding meaning that concerns, tasks and risks can be clearly called out for team review. Once comments are completed or replied to, they can be marked as closed.

Team members are always aware of what is happening, communicating in a way that is visible to all throughout the proposal management process.

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