VisibleThread for Docs 2.13 now available

Eoin Wren

VP Engineering

2 min read

Eoin here, VisibleThread head of engineering and support. Our new 2.13 release of VisibleThread for Documents is now available and ready for download for on-premise customers. This release is already live for cloud customers. In this blog post, I will provide a quick summary of what’s new in this release and will provide a quick peek at some of the new capabilities. For a complete list of what’s new, download the 2.13 Release Notes.

The highlights include:

  • New Document Compare capability – find all text changes between two revisions of a document
  • New Responsibility Matrix capability
  • Enhancements to Clear Language
    • Export Clear Language issues to Excel
    • Excel Folder Level Clear Language view to PDF
    • Customize Clear Language exports to show/hide different metrics (e.g. don’t show Long Words)
  • Export an Annotated Word Document from Quality Analysis, Concept Tracking and Clear Language
  • Move Documents to a different folder
  • Improved dictionary performance

New Document Compare Capability

The Document Compare report allows you to view all changes between two revisions of a document (Word or PDF). Use cases for this include:

  • Checking for differences between a draft and final RFP
  • Analyzing a revised contract for changes
  • Looking for proposal text that was removed during the editing cycle to meet page limits

Export Annotated Word Document

The Annotated Word Doc exports an exact copy of your uploaded Word document using Word’s in built comment mechanism to highlight issues in the document. This can be used to highlight Quality or Concept dictionary matches, or Clear Language issues.

Responsibility Matrix

2.13 sees the introduction of a new ‘Responsibility Matrix’ This feature allows you to assign responsibilities to specific teams, companies, or individuals. It is similar to the Compliance Matrix, but the Responsibility Matrix allows for more specific shredding of a contract post-award.

Version 2.13 has more more new capability. For a complete list of what’s new download the 2.13 Release Notes PDF.

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