VT Docs 3.4 released to all Cloud Users

We are thrilled to release VT Docs 3.4 to all our Cloud Users this week.
Eoin Wren

VP Engineering

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Product release: VT Docs 3.4 released to all cloud users.

As always, we’d like to thank all our VT Docs users for your continuous feedback. Your suggestions are the inspiration behind our products. Please keep them coming!

Usage Report

A new report is now available. This shows on all activity within your sandbox. For teams this means you can now see how many users analyzed content. It further shows data on the number of sign-ins and what features each user in the sandbox is using.

This report is helpful for managers onboarding their teams to VT Docs. It helps reward active users while showing areas in need of support. Further, executives gain oversight over the full VT Docs functionality and whether their teams make use of all features.

Introducing ‘Ignore List’

We have renamed ‘Whitelist’ to ‘Ignore List’ in the product and all reporting outputs. There is no functionality change. This is a recognition that words matter. And that discriminatory words have no place at VisibleThread. 

When will these features be available for on-premise customers?

There are more features coming this year. These will be added by end of Q4 when we will wrap them into a major release. This will include all the above for on-premise customers and more.

Thank you again to all our VT Docs users for your feedback! We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements!

The full release notes are available here.


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