More than a brand change: What the new VisibleThread means for you

Fergal McGovern

CEO & Founder

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The VisibleThread icon and title on an electric background.

VisibleThread has gone through a rebrand. At first sight, you’ll notice a new logo, new website, and colors. We also renamed VT Readability to VT Writer. Before I go into why we’ve done all this, let me assure all our customers and users, you can still use your VT solutions as you always have. Just sign in!  

A fresh new look to match our vision

Our customers care about simplicity and transparency. And our team cares about customer feedback. The first reason we considered this new look is you. We want to communicate in a simpler, more concise, transparent way.

The second reason is growth. This year, we all faced challenges we couldn’t predict. Our team rallied together to embrace the challenge, and we emerged stronger. And in a position to better support our customers today and well into the future.

Our vision:

Improve the efficiency, clarity, and compliance of RFPs, contracts, and mission-critical business writing with quantifiable metrics.

The Language Analysis Platform that means business

VT Docs, VT Writer, and VT Insights now come together under one umbrella: The Language Analysis Platform.

Our platform empowers global organizations. It improves efficiency, clarity, and compliance.  And success is measurable:

This is more than a brand color change. It’s a reflection of our vision and mission. And of our commitment to you.

Our commitment to you: We will help you reduce operational costs, win more proposal business, and improve your customer experience.

VT Writer: Supporting your mission-critical business writing

VT Writer version 2.6.1

We’ve renamed VT Readability to VT Writer. Here’s why:

Over the past months, we’ve reflected on the teams and people we support. We thought about the engineers writing proposals. Claims experts updating insurance member documentation. Quality and Star Ratings teams in health care communicating in the voice of the customer. Legal teams struggling to explain service terms in plain language. It became very clear; we support writers across the entire enterprise. We are VT Writer.

Why mission-critical business writing

Every customer touchpoint is mission-critical. Each time you communicate with your customer, you have the opportunity to enhance their experience with your brand.

These touchpoints directly impact customer acquisition and retention. Clear communication also ensures your customers don’t have to seek further clarification. This has a positive impact on your contact centers and ultimately your operations costs. For health insurers, CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) rewards are strongly linked to clear communications.  

For our bid center customers, clarity improves compliance, conveys a single tone-of-voice, and reduces risk. Mission-critical elements to winning your next proposal or contract.

What’s happened with VT Readability?

The change to VT Writer is a name change only. It reflects our vision and opens the path to expanding our product to support business writers across the enterprise.

As a VT Readability user, use your same credentials to log into VT Writer. Upload your PDFs, Word Docs, or text snippets for analysis as you always have. All the same capability is still there.

Improving efficiency and compliance of RFPs and contracts

A testimonial from Boeing about the VT Docs product.

VT Docs supports government contractors and bid center teams. Our commitment to improving your efficiency and compliance is absolute. We will continue to invest heavily in product engineering to support you with the best and most innovative automation solutions.

What’s ahead & our commitment to you

Our customers, our people and our solutions support VisibleThread’s vision and mission. We are excited by the next phase of our journey:

  • We will continue to work hand in hand with our customers to enhance our solutions. And we always appreciate your feedback and collaboration.
  • We will continue to build a world-class team to support business writers and bid center teams.
  • We will continue to expand our solutions in line with our vision. Our products will grow with your needs.

We are excited to share our new vision with you. And, look forward to supporting you and your teams today and well into the future. We are only beginning.


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